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Our Mission 

To apply the power of equine interactions and activities to improve the physical, mental, emotional, and social quality of life for the Pittsburgh region's children, youth, and adults with physical and behavioral needs. 

Our Vision 

Horses with Hope is a faith-based discovery, growth, and learning center that is a resource for numerous populations in and around the Pittsburgh and Washington communities. Each participant is encouraged to reach their full potential, assisting them to reach beyond their abilities by the partnership developed with the horses.


Over the next three years our strategic plan calls for:

  • Start a career exploration program for youth interested in careers in equine studies or other animal welfare related fields

  • Further develop our partnership with University of Pittsburgh, Chatham University, Duquesne University, Cal-U, providing internship and research opportunities

  • Start an institutional program to serve teams from group homes, schools catering to the special needs and therapy groups, focusing on  human growth & development, leadership training and team building. The equine therapy programs will serve as a framework to help individuals with developmental and physical disabilities and negative behaviors enhance workplace and daily living skills.

  • Create a more structured volunteer program for schools districts, retirees and others

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