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Horses with Hope Wish List

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Covered Riding Ring


A covered, outdoor riding ring will allow us to continue serving clients no matter the weather.

Covered Riding Ring

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A covered riding ring is needed at Gilfillan Farm to operate our programs in inclement weather and maintain the continuity of our client's progress.

Truck & Trailer

$45,000 Truck 

$20,000 Trailer

These vehicles would further our community outreach with visits to schools, group homes, and retirement centers.

Truck & Trailer

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We are hopeful to obtain these vehicles to further our community reach allowing travel to local schools, group homes, retirement centers, and individuals unable to travel. *HWH welcomes naming rights*.

Block at
Brush Run Farm


Allows riders with mobility issues and other challenges to safely mount and dismount horses.

Mounting Block

A mounting block is used to assist riders in getting on the horse. The mounting block at our Brush Run location is deteriorating and in need of replacement. 

Equine Partner


We hope to add three additional horses for the operation of two locations.

An Additional Horse

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With the expansion of our discovery, growth, and learning center to two locations, an additional horse
is needed. *HWH welcomes naming rights*.

& Bridles

Once horses are added, they will need saddles and bridles. The average saddle cost is $950 and average bridle cost is $80.

Saddles & Bridles

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As equine partners are added, additional saddles and bridles will be needed.

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Instructor Training

We are seeking additional instructors to maintain growth. Each training course is an average of $5,000.

Future Instructor Training

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We are working to add certified instructors to maintain our growth. Funding is needed for tuition, materials, certification, and associated expenses.

Ongoing Operational Needs:

  • Water (Gallons and Bottle)

  • Baby wipes

  • Gas cards

  • Home Depot cards

  • Tractor Supply cards

  • Agway Feed donations

  • Hay Donations

  • Dry cat food

  • Hand/foot warmers

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